Online Doctor Visits

Video Visits with Your Provider

Call your PHC Doctor’s Office to schedule a video visit

Urgent Care Video Visit

Don’t have a provider? Call PHC Urgent Care at 704-924-9111 or
PHC Express Care at 704-660-9111 to schedule a video visit or

Video Visits are treated like an in-office visit and are billed through insurance. Co-pays and deductibles apply.

Secure E-Mail Visits

– This service is a $49 fee, paid at the time of submission. If the provider is unable to treat your symptoms through Telehealth, you will be asked to make an in-office visit.
– Once you click next, you’ll be guided through a series of questions.  Answer these questions as honestly as you can. This will assist your provider in how to best help you.
– Once your answers have been reviewed, your provider will respond with further instructions.

Providers will review and respond to your E-Visit within 4 hours during normal business hours or the next business day during holidays/weekends. If you require more immediate attention, please visit PHC Urgent/Express Care or in an emergency call 911.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of digital communication to access health care services and records remotely. To put it simply, Telehealth is online doctor visits! These HIPAA compliant E-visits and Video visits provide easy accessibility, convenience, and streamline documentation with your PHC patient portal. Designed for minor health care needs- Telehealth visits are a great option if scheduling an appointment or finding time to have an in-office visit is inconvenient. Telehealth and online doctor visits should not be used in Emergency situations, please call 911 if you need immediate attention.

About Telehealth Visits

– Patient is required to be physically located within the state of NC to receive treatment via this service.
– This is for Adult patients 18+ years old only.
– Use of this service does not guarantee a prescription.  Prescriptions will be written at the discretion of the reviewing provider.