PHC-Naren Wellness & Weight Loss Works Toward Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition

Naren Wellness & Weight Loss has implemented several quality improvement projects throughout 2019 & 2020.  The practice worked to improve in the following areas:

  • Decrease in number of women ages 50-75 who needed a mammogram – improved scores by 3.84%.
  • Decrease in number of patients who need a Pneumovax immunization – improved scores by 8.84%.
  • Focus on ensuring that all diabetic patients have an A1C < 8 – only 13.16% of diabetic patients in this practice have an A1C > 8  –  below the national benchmark of 20% compliance.
  • Focus on decreasing hypertension in patients 60+.
  • Focus on getting diabetic patients yearly diabetic retinal eye exam performed or scheduled– decreased their goal percentage from 83.92% to 69.59% for their Diabetic population.
  • Focused on cost reduction, by making generic medications available to patients
  • Opened up daily same day appointment slots, to allow patients to get appointments in a timely manner, as well as extended office hours.
  • Implemented a Care Coordination department staffed with nurses and a clinical team. Their role is to reach out to patients by phone in-between their visits to the office, working with patients to help them meet their health goals (lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, increasing exercise, weight loss, etc.).
  • Conducted patient satisfaction and customer service surveys to learn best what patients would like to see improved within the practice. The practice worked to improve wait time and showed improvement throughout the year.







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