Jeff Smith, CEO of Piedmont HealthCare is awarded 2018 Chairman’s Award

On Tuesday, February 19th at the 2019 Chamber Annual Meeting & Award Banquet, Jeff Smith, CEO of Piedmont HealthCare, was honored with the first ever Chairman’s Award. The 2018 Chairman’s Award was presented by the new Chamber Board Chairman, Bryan Duncan, in recognition of Smith’s service during the past two years.

“With great appreciation for your above and beyond service to our chamber in 2018, we present you with our Chairman’s Award. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and we sincerely thank you for your dedicated service.” Jeff Smith provided “exceptional leadership during a time when the chamber could not have survived with anything less,” Duncan spoke.

The purpose of this award is to acknowledge a board member that has gone above and beyond the expectations and service for our chamber. Piedmont HealthCare is proud to have Jeff Smith as a leader, a team member, and CEO.