‘I thought I understood. I didn’t’: Doctor describes being floored by her own experience with postpartum depression after years treating patients with the same thing

Dr. Tara Lynn Frankhouser never would have hurt her first son, but in the throes of postpartum depression she was afraid to hold him too long.

The doctor never expected that the postpartum depression she’d watched her patients suffer through might strike her too.

View the Daily Mail article.

Read the Annals of Family Medicine Article “An Autoethnographic Examination of Postpartum Depression” by Tara Lynn Frankhouser, DO of PHC Family Medicine.

  • Dr Tara Lynn Frankhouser developed severe postpartum depression after her first son was born in 2011
  • She had seen the symptoms from her patients, and now has turned her own experience into a study in empathy and destigmatizing the condition
  • Bravely, Dr Frankhouser recalls feelings of resentment and fear for what she might do to her baby
  • Now a mother-of-three, Dr Frankhouser advocates for doctors to screen every patient and show empathy to new mothers trying to do it all
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