Yes, We’re Open!

Q&A Is it safe to see your doctor?

With the current crisis across the country and around the globe, we have seen the word “essential” floating around as the only reason you should leave your house. Lines have been blurred and forced many to stay in their homes under any and every circumstance. But really, what is safe and what is essential? Of course people need food, but what about medical care? Check out our Q&A below to get the lowdown.

What medical care is essential? 

Depending on each individual, almost any medical care can be considered essential. However here is our quick guide if you are not sure:

Emergency Medical Care: YES, call 911 or go to the nearest ER
Urgent Medical Care: Yes, PHC Urgent Care and Express Care are open and ready to help you or a loved one
Chronic Conditions: Yes, call your doctor’s office ahead of time and they will walk you through current procedures and get you set up for the safest and most effective care for your needs.
Other Medical Needs: Yes, if you feel the need to speak with your doctor, follow your gut. You have many options for care during this time- see below what might fit your needs
(Aches or pains, digestive trouble, anxiety or sadness, injuries, illness, etc.)
Elective Surgeries: No, at this time elective surgeries will need to be pushed back.

What are my options for care?

Piedmont HealthCare patients have a variety of options to ensure you are getting the quality care you need during this pandemic. 

1. In-Office visits are still a very real and valid option for care. Face to face visits with your provider are the best option and most effective way to ensure holistic care.
2. Telephone or Secure Email Visits. For minor health needs, PHC Providers can hop on a phone call to talk through your symptoms or communicate via secure email and receive pictures to help diagnose or treat medical needs.
3. Video Visits: We now have the capability to schedule video visits with your provider or join an on-demand visit with our Urgent Care. These visits are done through the Follow My Health Portal- if you need help getting signed up or logged in, give us a call at 833-463-6742.

What measures have been taken in offices to ensure my safety?
  1. All PHC Offices participate in a daily COVID-19 briefing to unify the company and keep every office informed and up to date on current standards and procedures. Here are the key actions taken to greatly reduce COVID-19 in offices:
  2. All waiting room areas have been stripped of magazines and other non essential touch points that can spread germs and harvest the virus.
  3. Waiting room chairs have been spread 6 feet for minimal patient to patient contact.
  4. Doors, waiting rooms, counters, and touch points are disinfected multiple times a day to cut back the spread.
  5. Some offices have opted to have patients call upon arrival and remain in their car until they are ready to be taken back for their appointment.
  6. Offices are scheduling many routine visits to online visits to keep patients at home and minimize risk.