Dr. Vivek Trivedi receives Barrett’s Endotherapy STAR Certification


Dr. Vivek Trivedi of Piedmont HealthCare Comprehensive Digestive Care Center in Statesville completes and receives Barrett’s Endotherapy STAR Certification through the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

Enrollment in this certification requires accredited training in gastroenterology or surgery, a minimum of 250 hours of upper endoscopies performed, and proficiency in endoscopic dilation, hemostasis, injection techniques and Barrett’s surveillance.

Dr. Trivedi passed the test and one-on-one assessment one his first attempt. The certification has a low pass rate the first time around because of the level of difficulty – making this an even greater success!

Earning this certification will help him continue to support patients in Statesville and the greater Charlotte area who have Barrett’s Esophagus, a precancerous disease of the esophagus. The certification gives him the knowledge and experience to perform endoscopic procedures with radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and cryotherapy as well as a better understanding of complex esophageal lesions and how best to remove them.

Dr. Trivedi sees patients in Statesville and Mooresville and has privileges at Iredell Memorial Hospital and Davis Regional Medical Center.

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