A Tribute to Dr. Phillip Goodson

April 11, 1950 – August 31, 2020


  • In 1989, Dr. Goodson and Dr. Walter Meadors formed a medical practice in Statesville, NC.
  • In 1996, Dr. Goodson helped to found and joined Piedmont HealthCare.
  • In 2000, Dr. Goodson limited his specialty to obstetric and gynecologic surgery after delivering over 3,000 babies.
  • In 2016, Dr. Goodson retired from practice.

Phillip Goodson, MD is an integral part of Piedmont HealthCare’s story.  It was an honor to have such a wise, devoted, and skilled physician at PHC for nearly 20 years.

Piedmont HealthCare employees and colleagues of Dr. Phillip Goodson are saddened to hear of his passing.


He will be remembered as a physician who truly cared about his patients. The nurses in Labor and Delivery will remember him for his very dry sense of humor and precise level of instruction. I could not have asked for a better partner to complement me in our OB/GYN practice being the logical and precise one while keeping me grounded and practical. I can still hear him practicing his mandolin in his office between patients back when we had time before EHR. Our medical community has lost an amazing ambassador.

-Dr. Walter Meadors, Medical Director of Piedmont HealthCare and former medical partner of Dr. Goodson



Dr. Goodson was kind, smart with a dry sense of humor. A great teacher of medicine and life. I and many others will miss his words of wisdom. My condollences to his family.

-Dr. Roshnara Singh, Physician of PHC Women’s Center and former colleague of Dr. Goodson



Probably the highest praise for Dr. Goodson comes from his many patients who speak so kindly of him. I was blessed to have worked with such an amazing and kind doctor. He was a great treasure to Statesville who will be greatly missed. My condolences to his entire family.

-Dr. Mary Torres, Physician of PHC Women’s Center and former colleague of Dr. Goodson



Having met Dr. Goodson as he neared the end of his medical career it was immediately clear that he was a kind and caring man that had a devoted patient following.  I consider myself fortunate to have met and worked with him.

-Jeff Smith, CEO of Piedmont HealthCare



View Dr. Phillip Goodson’s obituary here: https://www.nicholsonfunerals.com/obituaries/Phillip-Goodson-2/#!/Obituary