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Wash Your Hands

All throughout the day
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Keep Your Area Clean

Wipe down knobs, surfaces, & high traffic areas with disinfectant
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Socially Distance From Others

Wear a Mask in Public

We Are Open, We Are Here For You

In-office changes and COVID-19 safety precautions

Social Distancing

Disinfecting After Every Patient

Mobile Check-in for Zero Contact Process

Option to Wait from Your Car

Requesting All Patients Wear A Mask

Suspect the Coronavirus?

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, or trouble breathing), you are at risk for having the Coronavirus. If you suspect the virus, wear a facial covering in public to ensure the virus does not spread to those around you. Quarantine at home as much as possible. You may want a COVID-19 test for confirmation, see below PHC testing options. If you choose to see your Primary Care Provider, please call the office for instructions and do not enter the office with symptoms unless directed to do so.

COVID-19 Testing at PHC

2 Testing Options
1. If you are a PHC patient, you may call your Primary Care Provider to check in-office testing availability.
2. We offer COVID-19 testing at our Express Care in Mooresville. Please click the link below to schedule your test.