For the month of March, Piedmont HealthCare Imaging Services is offering Cardiac Scoring Exams for $99 (originally $145).
*Payment due at time of service, includes radiologist fee.

More Americans die of Heart Disease than all forms of cancer combined. According to the American Heart Association, Cardiovascular disease accounts for nearly 836,546 deaths in the US and 43.8% of these deaths are specifically attributable to Coronary Heart Disease.

What is Cardiac Scoring?Cardiac Scoring Limited Time Offer at PHC
The Calcium Scoring Exam is used as a screening tool in the evaluation of coronary artery disease. Calcium Scoring quantifies the total load of calcified (hardened) plaque in the coronary arteries based upon the volume and density of calcified plaque. It then compares that score to a large reference population matched to the patient’s age and sex. This exam can be used as a valuable tool in conjunction with other clinical risk factors such as family history, cholesterol level, lipid profile, etc. to help your physician determine how to best manage patients with coronary artery disease. However, it is not intended to replace your usual routine doctor’s evaluations.

Who needs a Cardiac Scoring Exam?
For individuals at high risk for developing heart disease, including:
• Age— Men 40 or older, Women 45 or older
• High Cholesterol
• History of Smoking
• High Blood Pressure
• Family History of Heart Disease
• Sedentary Lifestyle
• Diabetes

Prepare for your exam
Calcium Scoring scans take about 10 minutes
• No Caffeine the day of exam



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