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  • We were treated very well and Dr Natili. And get staff are great with her patients!

    Kaye K.
  • I came here after another ENT wanted to do surgery on my 3-year old for a simple wax impaction. Dr. Meetze was very patient and gentle with her and gave me several options that don’t include surgery or sedation. I’m very pleased with how he treated me and my daughter and the ease of getting an appointment there means I’ll stick with Dr. Meetze from now on.

    Amanda L.
  • Dr.Wellbaum is freaking amazing she is a very sweet lady who definitely knows how each person feels being pregnant. I could not have chosen a better obgyn since moving here she reminds me of the one I had back home . This dr is a blessing to have.

    Espy A.
  • Great experience and ran very efficiently. Saw Dr. Paviol and was very pleased with would recommend him and this office.

    Sherry H.
  • Dr. Jaggers – She was very understanding, she listened to me and I just love her. She is cute as a button!

    Carol S.
  • Dr. Jaggers – She showed compassion and listened to all my problems. She was great and wonderful!

    Connie B.
  • Dr. Jaggers – Very good, liked her personality and felt she was genuine and caring!

    Tom S.
  • Dr. Kimball and staff – caring, loving, nice and just awesome.

  • Wolfe Dermatology – The whole office really made me, as a new patient, feel very welcome and relaxed

  • Dr. Schlesinger; Best bedside manner, excellent staff.

  • Theresa Faires – sweet and caring

  • Shniqual Adams – very personable, informative and easy to talk to

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